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Πιστοποιήση ΕΝ ISO 14001

The gradual deterioration of the environment over the last decades is one of the main problems which the international community is called upon to face.

Environmental Management Systems provide the framework for the systematically recognizing, evaluatiang and managing the environmental aspects of organizations' activities, products and / or services, in order to comply with the legal requirements, the continual improvement and the prevention of pollution.
ELOT EN ISO 14001 is the most popular environmental management standard worldwide, which sets the requirements for the development and implementation of an effective Environmental Management System.
Benefits from the implementation of an Environmental Management System according to ELOT EN ISO 14001 are among others:
• Improving the environmental performance
• Achieving a higher degree of compliance with the law
• Preventing pollution
• Saving resources and cost reduction
• Improving the image of the company towards the general public
• Improving communication with external stakeholders
• The staff awareness on environmental issues and the increased willingness to take responsibility