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TECHNI S.A. has been operating as a technical SA since December 10th, 2001. It is the evolution of the sole partnership “Efstratios Th. Bouchlis”, which was founded in 1991 to take over and build any kind of technical projects. The high demands of the market, the increase of the technical and financial object, led to the establishment of SA.The company’s mission is to propose solutions, which fully satisfy the client's needs. TECHNI S.A. provides total solutions that are in strict compliance with time and cost margins, while maintaining high quality standards.High aesthetics, quality construction, smooth operational implementation of the company guarantees perfect results, every time.The company outlines the plans and the construction in full detailed reports, specifications and quality programs with continuous and detailed testing.The company stays abreast of technological developments, constantly enriching and improving the system which supports design and production as well as maintaining the tradition when necessary.The objectives of the company are:

  • The undertaking and the construction of public and private conventional and special technical projects in Greece and on abroad.
  • Any kind of real estate development of private properties or other estates for the company or for third parties. Also for selling or for leasing them.
  • Technical and financial assessment of all technical projects.
  • The purchase of real estates, with self-financing, construction of residences, hotels or offices and selling or leasing them on your behalf or on the behalf of others.

The aims of the company are:

  • To increase its share on the construction market.
  • Construct projects that meet customer requirements and legislation.
  • Presenting ongoing financial results.
  • Improve its effectiveness.

The increase of the market share will be pursued through the systematic exploitation of know-how in future projects. The company will seek to increase the pace of all economic variables that has been achieved over the past year.The factors that will affect the fulfillment of this goal are; the increased business involvement in public and private projects and the effective utilization of human power and mechanical equipment. Each of the activities is performed by the company’s multifaceted trained technical staff with considerable experience and expertise in the subject. Our staff is known for their experience and skills in project management and constructions. Also, the company is well-known for the quality and the on time delivery of projects.